Franklin, Tennessee in December

I have always loved Tennessee – more specifically, Nashville. I don’t know what it is about Nashville that has made me fall in love with it, but I suppose a lot of it is the memories I have made there. As a kid, I heard stories about the magic that happens there (and heard the magic), and I never lost that sense of wonder: Why is it such a special place? Why am I drawn to it?

Over time, I have come to love Franklin, Tennessee as well. Every summer I take a trip to Nashville and it always ends with a special visit to Franklin. As much as I love Tennessee in summer, I’ve always wondered what it would be like in winter. So, when I was surprised with a trip there in the middle of December this year, I was a tad bit excited. The trip was mainly to attend Christy Nockel’s The Well: A monthly citywide gathering for women across Nashville to encounter Jesus. I am not a Nashville native but my mom wanted to go, so we thought “why not?” (More on that experience here)

I was pleasantly surprised to spend a lot of time in downtown Franklin. Some of my favorite places are along that main street – Philanthropy, Finnley’s, and the adorable Starbucks on the corner. I was most excited to see the Franklin Theatre at Christmas-time, though. The red lights and old-school look of it just gets me in every picture I see.

Another favorite place is The Factory – a complex of stores, restaurants, art studios, and other fun little nooks. I got to try Jeni’s ice cream there for the very first time. I ordered the Pear sorbet (as evidenced below) and it tasted like pure Christmas magic. It was almost like a Christmas snow cone. Almost made me miss summer (almost!!)


I definitely will try to make it to Franklin again around Christmas. I think a lot of the Franklin/Nashville obsession for me is how it feels every time I visit. I always know people around me are hard at work on things that will change the world. Those people in the corner of Frothy Monkey might be just catching up, but they also might be discussing when their new album drops. I was walking around downtown Franklin while my favorite singer was up the street making promos. You just never know!

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