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Hello there!

My name is Maddy Agers. I am a college kid and hardworking blogger/business owner! I enjoy coffee, hanging out with my family, and spontaneous adventures. (Even spontaneous grocery runs!)

I first began blogging when I wrote my own teen column, “Through Maddy’s Eyes“, on a website called JesusWired that promotes Indie music. I was thirteen and dreamt of starting my own blog one day. I wrote for that column until I felt like it was time to get started on my own.

Then came The Digital Breakdown! In April 2015 I went to work and began a website that promotes positive media for teens + twenty-somethings. The challenge was a bit daunting – I was fourteen and throwing myself into a world where fourteen year-olds simply do not exist. I am pleased to say that in the two years since TDB was birthed, I have had the honor of conducting 200+ interviews and attending many events from the media perspective.

I am currently a sophomore college student, business owner, copywriter, and Scout looking for a way to work with you! If you’re looking for someone with a strong drive who can produce top-notch work consistently, drop a line on my contact form or send me an email and I will get in touch soon!

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