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Hello there!

My name is Maddy Agers. I am a college kid and hardworking blogger/business owner! I enjoy coffee, hanging out with my family, and spontaneous adventures. (Even spontaneous grocery runs, honestly.)

I first began blogging when I wrote my own teen column, “Through Maddy’s Eyes“, on a website called JesusWired that promotes Indie music. I was thirteen and dreamt of starting my own blog one day. I wrote for that column until I felt like it was time to get started on my own.

Then came The Digital Breakdown! In April 2015 I went to work and began a website that promotes positive media for teens + twenty-somethings. The challenge was a bit daunting – I was fourteen and throwing myself into a world where fourteen year-olds simply do not exist. I am pleased to say that in the two years since TDB was birthed, I have had the honor of conducting 200+ interviews and attending many events from the media perspective.

I am starting my own blog now to provide behind-the-scenes access to my adventures and share more about my life. You may see tips and tricks I’ve learned about social media, more on my experience in Scouting, local adventures, and other fun things like that. I’m just a high school student with big dreams who is working hard to get where she wants to go! Join me on my way.

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