3 Bloggers I Love

I have noticed lately that I have a select few bloggers that I love. I go back and read through these blogs sometimes when I want answers (like how do you get through ____?!) and usually these ladies have a great blog about it. So I rounded up a list of my favorite 3 for you! Make sure you comment a blogger I should definitely not be missing out on, though! I’m always up for more to read.

1.) Sarah Fine: I first looked up to Sarah because of her blogs a few years ago, before I even knew her personally. Now, we’re friends and I look up to her even more. She’s a twenty-something who lives in Nashville, Tennessee and writes about her adventures through her Tumblr blog. She is one of the most open and transparent people I have ever met, and you’ll feel like a close friend of hers by the time you get through one of her blogs. She went viral not too long ago with this blog on purity, so you might actually know who she is already!

Don’t miss this blog by Sarah: Am I Moving Too Fast?

2.) Jordan Lee of SoulScripts: Usually I scroll past Facebook ads, but Jordan’s caught my eye a few months ago and I have fallen completely in love with her work. She writes a lot about relationships, encouragement, and being in her twenties as a young married woman. She nails it on a lot of topics, especially the one I’ve added below.

Don’t miss this blog by Jordan Lee: If He Wasn’t Good for Me, Why Can’t I Get Over Him?

3.) Lauren DeMoss-Benson of The Full Time Girl: I started reading Lauren’s blogs about 3 years ago. I was initially drawn to her writing because of her take on relationships (or lack thereof). She was always able to bring her focus back on God in a non-cheesy way. As she wrote and as I read, she got engaged/married and is now having a baby soon! I encourage you to read her blogs and be inspired by her unique viewpoint.

Don’t miss this blog on The Full Time Girl: You Don’t Have To Take Your Clothes Off

I hope you enjoy these ladies’ blogs as much as I do. They’re a great go-to when you want a new perspective.

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