5 Reasons to See “A Star is Born”

I’ll be honest — I wasn’t truly convinced that the Bradley Cooper adaptation of the 1930’s film, A Star is Born, was going to be any better than the all-too-familiar chick flicks currently circulating local theaters. The story chronicles famed singer Jackson Maine’s (Bradley Cooper) relationship with Ally, a waitress with big dreams, (Lady Gaga) and the career changes they experience along the way.

But boy, was I wrong. So here are five reasons to see the movie. Seriously – do yourself a favor and run to the nearest theater!

1. You’ll see Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in another element

This movie challenges any stereotypes you have toward either of these actors. Bradley can sing (!!) and Gaga is both a superb actor and powerhouse vocalist without her usual background beats. I had never seen either of these two portrayed in such a beautiful way.

2. The fashion

We have to talk about some of the vintage fashion in this movie. Jackson’s style is  western-style-meets-rockstar, and the ’70’s era style wedding dress looks incredible on Ally.


[Credit to Warner Bros. Pictures.]

3. Cooper’s dog, Charlie

If you hate the acting and the music, we all can at least agree that watching Charlie grow up is reason enough to go. The fact that it’s Cooper’s dog makes Charlie even more special.


[Credit to Warner Bros. Pictures.]

4. It shows how alcoholism can affect loved ones

This may be the best reason to see A Star is Born. Not only will you witness an incredible love story and hear some of the best ear candy in the history of the universe, you also walk away with a deep shift in your soul. The story chronicles a battle with alcoholism and how it affects family and friends. It’s eye-opening and will make you hug your family a little tighter tonight.

5. The soundtrack is just amazing

The soundtrack to this movie is sort of like that goodie bag you always left your friend’s birthday party with as a child. The party doesn’t end during the closing credits — you have this glorious music to cry to once it’s over. Plus, clips of conversation between Jackson and Ally are included, allowing you to relive the memories. You’ll feel like:


[Credit to The Weinstein Company]

Like I said before, you have got to see A Star is Born.Tell me what you thought of the movie below!

xoxo, Maddy

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