7 Cheap + Spooky Date Ideas

Fall is here, everyone! Though I would certainly be okay with some cooler weather (fingers crossed) I’ve been taking full advantage of “spooky season”, as it is being affectionately referred to.

My boyfriend, Jack, and I celebrated fall this weekend and it inspired me to share with you 7 ways to enjoy the season with your S.O.

1. Pumpkin picking + a corn maze! (Probably around $30)

This one is simple, fun, and usually pretty cheap. Plus, where there’s a pumpkin patch, there’s often a corn maze nearby. The local farm I reached out to charges a “field pass” for $2 and pumpkins are paid by the pound, so this can certainly be a cheap date.

2. Have a canning and baking day (around $20)

The key to a man’s heart is food, as they say. But let’s be honest — that’s the key to anyone’s heart. Pies, cookies, pumpkin spice, and caramel apples are just about the best celebration of fall for us foodies. Visit a farmer’s market on a Saturday and borrow your grandma’s canning jars! (Pro-tip: canned applesauce is a great gift idea!)

3. Go on a ghost tour ($50)

Jack and I finally buckled down and did one this weekend. We chose a midnight tour around the city we fell in love in. As the only two on the tour, we were able to ask questions and explore more. We also had a fantastic tour guide who was incredibly passionate about the city’s history.

4. Hike (typically free!)

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no runner, but hiking always makes me forget that. One date I loved was a hike Jack planned to hike the tallest summit of Missouri. It was beautiful and the crisp air was such a great break from reality. Plus, this is super romantic!

5. Spooky movie night (just pay for snacks)

There’s no season more perfect for movie nights than fall! At least, that’s how I feel 🙂 I’m definitely NOT a scary movie fan but I’ll suffer for my boy. Eat some dessert and snuggle up together for a cozy night of spooks.

6. Donate together! (free!)

This may seem weird to suggest as a date, but I promise it’s fun! Purge the closet and donate your stuff. A great follow-up is a trip to the mall or a resale shop to add some new pieces to your collection.

7. Go on a road trip (can be pricey, so plan ahead!)

Jack’s choice of date this month was a road trip to Kansas City for an Ed Sheeran concert. I have been looking forward to it for MONTHS and I know it will be the best ever. These are so fun and can be cost-effective, especially if you plan ahead and save. Make it spooky by stopping at Halloween attractions along the way.

These are 7 of my favorite fall dates! What are yours? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, Maddy

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