Adulting.. & Stuff

I’ve been doing some major life rehauls lately because 1) I’m almost a legal adult and 2) life likes to kick you in the pants. (All I can do is become a ninja right back, amiright?)

I sat in my last pediatric appointment yesterday and it was surprisingly sentimental, in the moments where I could get past the fact that I was doing jumping jacks and duck waddles in front of my doctor. I’ve been doing more thinking than normal (which is saying a lot), mostly because my 18th birthday is almost here and I also just graduated high school. #TheFeels

It’s not bad thinking, it’s just thinking. I’m learning to respect myself more, to enjoy the simple things, and stop letting other people and their metaphorical yield signs get in the way of my success. I’ve been talking to God a lot more because I need Him a whole lot. And I’ve been wondering about some of His decisions, not gonna lie. But I’m working to trust Him a lot more. (That last blog is a process I’m going through.)

In about two weeks, I’ll be legally responsible for myself. For some reason, (to commemorate the new life change?) the current kick in the pants keeps coming in the form of having to make decisions that suck to make. Welcome to adulthood, I guess? All sarcasm aside, I am definitely a blessed person and thankful to have the support around me that I do during major life changes. It’s pretty amazing how many people I have to speak into my life.

It’s like the incident I had about a week ago. I was really off my game this particular day and just so happened to make a coffee before I left the house. I met up with my friend, stuck the cup in the backseat, and drove off to get a different coffee with her (addiction much?) And in the process, the coffee that was 95% gone proceeded to bleed out in my car’s floor. And apparently that 5% contained all the milk and sugar.

So I stood there, thankful for my half-full of water Nalgene bottles, and drowned the mat in water. I scrubbed the floor of the smell with some carpet cleaner I’d incidentally bought the day before. I then made the walk of shame into Starbucks to grab some napkins. After it all was over, my friend Kristina walked out smiling with some coffee and a cake pop. We laughed and spent the day shopping for plants, because that’s what you do. *Sigh*, thank you Kristina.

I don’t think there was much of a point to this blog unless you have been feeling the same metaphorical kick in the pants I have lately. Then I guess what I’m trying to say to us is, grab a coffee and somebody you love. Because in times of transition (and the occasional heartache), the only thing we can do is laugh and keep moving on. Ahh, adulting.

xoxo, Maddy

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