Five Truths About Homeschooling Through High School

I know that everyone reading this has heard at least five lies about homeschooling, so this is a post with five truths! I have been homeschooled since 8th grade (I’m now in my last part of high school) and I think there’s a mystery to homeschool kids. I mean, what do we do all day? Are we generally unsocial? You just don’t know! Let me set you straight 🙂

1.) We’re generally pretty chill.

As with any group or organization, there are those who take things to the extreme; homeschooling is definitely one of those things. I won’t lie, I enjoy the silly memes and satire based off homeschool. But it’s important to note that the amount of people who actually live the way you see online is verrrry slim. You probably wouldn’t know most of us were homeschooled, especially those in high school. If you walk into a coffee shop midday during the week, you’re probably in the presence of a high-schooler studying for their upcoming test.

2.) Yes, homeschooling takes diligence and a lot of hard work.

Almost every time I tell someone I’m homeschooled they ask one of two things: 1- “Do you live in my pj’s?” or 2 – “Wow, I bet you have to be able to focus very hard to pull that off!” The answer to that is that yes, it takes diligence and hard work. I’m definitely able to accomplish tasks better than I used to be. Studying for classes, finals, and other tests are usually done by an individual through high school. (Of course, no homeschool student could do it without their parent.) I enjoy this a lot because I know my limits for work-load and have learned tons about how to survive in a college environment.

3.) Most of us do not feel like we’re missing out on the ‘high school experience’.

Ha, so this is my least favorite question. In short, I do not feel like I’m missing out of any ‘high school experience’. This varies from student to student, but in my case I am perfectly content with my life as a homeschooler. I’ve had a boyfriend, gone to dances with friends, and kept myself busy with really cool activities that I would never get to do as a typical student. I manage marketing for local businesses and spend a lot of free time as the editor of this website (and of course the blog you’re reading). I have a lot of ambition and while I think I could definitely excel in the typical school setting, my life now is all I could hope for it to be.

(I attended public school until 8th grade when I began homeschooling, and I struggled with anxiety for a long time while I was there. Sometimes people just thrive better in unique environments!)

4.) Yes, we are able to thrive around people our age who are not homeschoolers.

This sort of goes along with #3, but is important. Most homeschoolers date, hang out with, and participate in activities with people our age who aren’t homeschooled. Personally, almost every friend I have isn’t. I have had to learn to overcome the feeling of seclusion that so often comes with being the ‘homeschooler’ of the friend group. I think any person who is high-school age and homeschooled deals with this for a while, but when we are comfortable with who we are it doesn’t affect us anymore. There are rude people just about everywhere, but we quickly learn how to let silly comments go.

5.) Yes, we have homework — and yes, we wear our PJ’s to school sometimes.

I’m saving this duo for last because I think they’re fun questions that are valid. Unless I have homework from classes I take outside of my home, I consider all work “homework”. Once my school day is over, it’s over. It’s a really great perk of this way of schooling.

Oh – and yes, a lot of us enjoy wearing sweatpants and other comfy clothes around the house. However, it is always nice to get dressed up even if I’m just walking around my home!

Any more questions? Comments? Let me know in the comment section below!

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