My Summer.. So Far

It’s been a while, everyone! I have been traveling all over since I last wrote you on my birthday. I am writing to you now from West Virginia at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. For the next two weeks, I am staffing the 2017 National Jamboree as a media escort. Today, we will have a grand total of 40,000 staff and participants coming in to experience 10 days of Scouting magic. I wanted to update you guys on some awesome things that have been going on because some of you have been asking!

The first week of July was busy. I was in Nashville, Tennessee for Camp Electric. This was my fifth year for those counting. I have been richly blessed to be able to be there at all, much less five times. This year, I took film class with my incredible teacher, Daniel. I was able to learn all kinds of new things and experience Camp from a whole new perspective. It’s hard to believe that many of the musicians I’ve always looked up to now know me as a friend. I was fortunate to finally get my TobyMac M&M dispenser signed! Every year at Camp Electric is amazing, but this year was one of the best. See the dispenser in all its glory here:


I also dressed up as a dinosaur AND got to have some special effects makeup put on for this video:

The weekend after Camp, I visited Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee with my family. We went to the infamous Loveless Cafe, and even waited an hour and a half for our food. I tried the BLT with fried green tomatoes and I highly recommend it. We also revisited Merridee’s Bakery & Restaurant. This is located in Franklin and is a great place for some pie and good food. (Their coffee is great, too!) I’ll release a blog soon that goes more in depth of our trip – and our stay at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.
I was able to be back home for a few days in St. Louis a few days after this. I met my friends for coffee and visited IKEA with my good friend Kristina. I also got to spend time with my family and take some drives with good music. I enjoyed every moment I could while back with my people.

I departed for West Virginia after those short few days. I spent a long car ride with my friends and have been hard at work doing my job ever since. I’m tent-camping for two weeks here and hiking most places, but the views of this beautiful reserve make all the sweat worth it. Plus, they had coffee ice cream here for the first couple days. So far I have gone zip-lining twice; once across a 3,100′ zip-line with a 400′ drop. (Best. Time. Ever.) I have also been meeting new people seemingly every second. My team for work is the best ever, and I cherish every second with them. The best part of the day is the evening, where I get to sit with my friends (new and old) and drink coffee/have ice cream while talking. It makes every rough part of the day completely worth it. Take a look at me and my friends by the Camp sign:


I will be doing write-ups on each of these trips as soon as I can. I want you guys to know about my experiences because I’m loving every moment. This month has been insane, and I am definitely looking forward to some down time in August. Nevertheless, I’m going to take in every moment and try to fill you guys in as I go!

xoxo, Maddy


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