My Experience at The Well Citywide Gathering

As the saying goes, “the best things in life are free”. The Well Citywide, based in Nashville, Tennessee, is one of those things. I came to The Well unsure of what to expect, but I had travelled five hours from where I live to see what the hype was about. My mother is an avid Christy Nockels fan and wanted to see her perform at the event, so we made the trip to Franklin, Tennessee.

When we arrived at Church of the City in Franklin, we were welcomed by a hot chocolate, coffee, and cookie bar. When I say hot chocolate bar I do not tell a lie. There was everything from crushed peppermint to whipped cream to sauces of all different flavors. Oh – and marshmallows, of course. Here’s what mine looked like:


Then, Chris Tomlin’s wife, Lauren, got up on stage to tell us about what was to come. She explained what The Well Gathering was created for, which is essentially a space for women all over Nashville to feel like they belong. It’s a space where these women can find friends and bond over coffee and the Word of God. I find this as something special, and I am slightly jealous that St. Louis doesn’t have one yet. (There were ladies from all over the country there who probably felt the same way!)

Then, Christy Nockels took the stage and performed most of her new Christmas album, The Thrill of Hope, for us. She told us about stories behind the songs she picked for this album. I found the story behind her song “Amaryllis”, particularly inspiring. Here is her explanation of that song:

I thought it was funny how Christy kept asking us to sing along but no one wanted to because we just wanted to hear her sing so much! All in all, this was a great night and if you know any ladies in the Nashville area who would enjoy a (FREE) event like this, tell them about it! Here is a link where they can RSVP for the next one on January 23rd, 2017! Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it.

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