So Far, So Good: December

This month has involved lots and lots of hustle and I’m looking forward to holiday break already! (But honestly, who isn’t?!) Here’s what I’ve been obsessing over lately:

Actual important stuff:

  • I’m starting on scholarships, which are time-consuming, but I have to remember that they are pushing me toward a major goal!
  • Senior pictures have come in and I’m so grateful to be able to showcase the hard work and growth I’ve accomplished over high school.
  • I am working on growing my client base and honing my craft of social media/web management.


  • I’m OBSESSED with music (as always!) and right now I have a few favorites.
    • “Old Fashioned Love” — Jacob Whitesides (that voice..)
    • “Gave Your Love Away” — Majid Jordan
    • “Paris in the Rain” — Lauv (because I want to hug him every time I hear him.)
    • “Better Than I Used to Be” — Mat Kearney
    • “Call It What You Want To” — Taylor Swift
  • I caved and got a Netflix account. Open to any suggestions. Miiight have binged Riverdale.


  • I have made fun of my mom for her love of Michael Buble basically my whole life. Today I actually listened to some Buble for fun.. is this what growing up feels like?!?!
  • Really really tempted to buy a new dog even though I really really don’t need one. Who’s with me?
  • I’ve spent six months with my boyfriend and I am so proud of us and happy.
  • I am sitting down and putting together some New Year’s Resolutions for the next year. Might even do a “year in review”. Who would actually want to read it? (Comment below!)

Tell me in the comments what your favorite thing is about December! Mine is seeing Christmas lights with my family and getting coffee together… But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the excitement of opening presents together on Christmas day.

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