So Far, So Good: January

This time of the year is a weird one. But, I’ve been able to conquer the depressing darkness outside with the warmth of the people next to me.. Does that sound cheesy? Yes? Ok cool.

Actual important stuff:

  • I am completely smitten with my school of choice, Maryville University. I got a call last week that I was chosen for a renewable scholarship! (Exciting!!) I am interviewing next week for some bigger scholarships, including a full ride.
  • My business is going well, and I’m creating a website that will be solely for social media tips and tricks, as well as selling ebooks so small businesses can create a marketing plan.


  • I’m OBSESSED with music (as always!) and have a few favorites – as always.
  • I am ALWAYS up for a good concert. This year I’ll get to see three of my favorite artists in the entire world!
    • Taylor Swift — I was able to snag a ticket after several years of impatiently waiting. Her team really aced it this year with making tickets available!
    • Ed Sheeran — my dream of a boyfriend informed me that we’ll be taking a road trip to see Ed Sheeran this October. Can. Not. Wait.
    • Mat Kearney — My Christmas present with my boyfriend + parents is to see Mat Kearney live this year! His shows are the sweetest.
  • As far as TV goes:
    • Shoutout to This Is Us for shattering my heart once a week! Did you guys see that last hint yesterday? Ughhhhhh.
    • Nashville is back on TV, y’all. I may or may not have a woman crush on Lennon Stella… and a man-crush on Gunnar Scott.


  • Last year, I made a choice to create a bullet journal for myself. However, I quickly realized it takes a lot of time that I’m not willing to spend on it. This year, I asked for a planner (I chose this one) and I already feel so organized! It’s been great to physically see what my year will look like… without having to draw in every box on my own!
  • My family/friends know me too well. I received oranges, chocolate, and chocolate oranges for Christmas… All of them are my weakness.
  • I asked Morgan Harper Nichols (sister of Jamie Grace, if you’re into CCM) to write me a poem at the end of last month and she did not disappoint! Her sweet words are my foundation for the year:
    • “And now that she is traveling, she has come to know: adventure’s not the destination but the willingness to go.”

Thank you for indulging my random interests! Leave a comment below and let me know something you’re doing in the new year to make it better than the last.

2 thoughts on “So Far, So Good: January

  1. Enjoyed reading this positive post. Absolutely love “This is Us”. I’m glued to the TV each week, and it always ends too soon. So happy for you & college. It’s such a great time in life.

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