Speak your truth, even if you must whisper it.

“I’m staying home tonight and not leaving.” I reflectively type this earlier sentiment of mine at 9:00 PM on a Wednesday while, yes, out drinking a coffee.

I feel that I’ve been in a sort of “funk”, as they say, lately. I should say, a “funk” ditch. And no, not the cool kind where funky music like Fleetwood Mac is playing. The kind where an old soul like mine can only be pulled out with alone time, music from the ’50’s, and copious viewings of The Notebook. My God, am I thankful for those things.

And I sit here, coffee in hand with happy music and a happy mood, (partly due my just having bought new guitar strings) but still cannot seem to shake all the weight of the sadness this world brings. So here I am, telling you about it.

When I found out about actress Demi Lovato’s recent drug relapse and overdose, I must admit it made my heart sag a bit. I feel for her more than anything. Addiction is a sneaky monster that rears its head slowly but surely. When someone is born with an addictive personality, it’s a constant struggle.

It’s brought me back to the life lesson that darkness cannot survive in the light. I applaud Demi for bravely sharing her story and her struggles on addiction so often. In times like these, I’m reminded of reading The Screwtape Letters in school and the impactful lessons it had on me. (Go read it and you’ll understand – after you pick your jaw off the floor.)

I don’t find many of Demi’s songs reflective of my beliefs, (even though the beats are preeeetty good!) but I gained immense respect for her when she began to tell people so comfortably “yeah, this is me, I’ve got some battles with addiction but I’m working on it.” And of course, we would be foolish to believe that once her struggle is spoken she will be immediately able to shake it off. But deep down, I trust that she’s working on it.

Darkness cannot survive in the light. Oftentimes, if we lay down our issues — if we’re honest and take action toward making ourselves better — we have a much higher chance of resolving them. Isn’t that funny? To someone like me, who would rather internally solve issues but has trained herself to speak it instead, it’s such a paradox.

Now, none of us really know what Demi is going through. That we know for certain. But man, I feel so convicted to be brave – and encourage you to – like she has been so many times. Speak your struggles into the light, even if you have to whisper it. I pray that she is able to recognize when addiction begins to roar into her heart and tell someone. I’d hate to see this hardship take her away from us.

May we all be a little braver and a lot more understanding of the demons our brothers and sisters are facing.

2 thoughts on “Speak your truth, even if you must whisper it.

  1. I love this and I feel this so much. She’s a celebrity and she has the strength to share her story, & I’m over here still struggling to understand my story myself & understanding why things have happened the way they’ve happened.


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